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Heat pump controller-i200

Heat pump controller-i200
Controller for heat pump i200

This is an equipment making refrigeration cycle operate forward/reverse to cool and heat. There are air, geothermal, waste heat source heat pump depending on its heat source and there are cold/hot wind type and cold/hot water type depending on its heat supply way.

Operating power: Single phase 100 ~ 240VAC
Temperature range: -55.0 ~ 99.9 ℃ (2 NTC 10kΩ sensors)
● Output: 7 relay contacts (solenoid valve, compressor 1, compressor 2, fan, auxiliary heater, defrost, 4-way valve)

External input: LP abnormal signal / HP abnormal signal / OP abnormal signal

■ Features
- Various defrost function (cycle, temperature, comp accumulation) and reserve operation function
- RS485 communication function 'Modbus-RTU'
- Korean / English support
- Sensor alarm and external input error signal history display and saving function
- Ability to store operation time

● Other features

- Fast throughput with Cortex-M3 core
- 3.55˝ TFT-LCD and capacitive touch key
- Miniaturization and slimming (integrated display / control unit)
- Front LED and buzzer alarm
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